Government of Pakistan

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  • Founded Date August 14, 1947
  • Sectors Administration , Business Development , Education Training
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  • Founded Since 1947

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The Government of Pakistan, officially known as the Federal Government, is responsible for governing the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The country is a federal parliamentary democratic republic consisting of four provinces, two autonomous territories, and one federal territory. The government is composed of three branches: the legislative branch, which is vested in a bicameral Parliament; the executive branch, led by the Prime Minister and aided by the Cabinet; and the judiciary branch, with the Supreme Court as the highest court.

The official name of the country is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and this is the name that appears on money, treaties, and legal cases. The terms “Pakistan Government” or “Government of Pakistan” are often used in official documents to refer to the federal government as a whole. The federal government is based in Islamabad, and as a result, the term “Islamabad” is often used as a shorthand for the federal government.


State emblem of Pakistan.svg

State emblem (coat of arms) of Pakistan
Flag of Pakistan.svg

  Flag of Pakistan
Type Federal government
Formation August 14, 1947; 75 years ago
Formation document Constitution of Pakistan
Country Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Seat of government Islamabad
Urdu, English
Website pakistan.gov.pk
Legislature Parliament
Upper house Senate
Chairman of the Senate Sadiq Sanjrani
Lower house National Assembly
Speaker of the National Assembly Raja Pervaiz Ashraf
Meeting place Parliament House
Head of state President (Arif Alvi)
Head of government Prime Minister (Shehbaz Sharif)
Main organ Cabinet
Meeting place Cabinet secretariat
Ministries 30 (25 Federal Ministers, 5 Ministers of state and 5 advisors)
Responsible to Parliament
Court Supreme Court of Pakistan
Chief judge Chief Justice (Umar Ata Bandial)