National Testing Service (NTS)

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  • Founded Date July 1, 2002
  • Sectors Consultants , Education Training , Employment Firms
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  • Founded Since 2002

Company Description

National Testing Service (NTS) is a non-profit organisation established in Pakistan in 2002 with the aim of promoting merit and quality education in Pakistan. Over 30000 Test have been given 24079215 Candidates in NTS 500 Test Centres since last 19 Years.

NTS is a standardised testing service that conducts tests for admission to universities, recruitment for public and private sector organisations, and scholarships. It has gained recognition and credibility as a reliable testing service in Pakistan due to its transparent and merit-based selection process. Its tests are designed to assess the knowledge and skills of candidates, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are selected for academic programs or job positions.

In its initial years, NTS primarily focused on conducting tests for admissions to universities and colleges. However, over time, it expanded its services to include recruitment tests for public and private sector organisations, as well as scholarships and international tests like TOEFL and GRE.

The transparent and merit-based selection process of NTS quickly gained popularity among universities and organisations across the country. This led to an increase in demand for NTS tests, which in turn, led to the expansion of its services.

Today, NTS conducts tests in various fields including engineering, medical, business, arts, and social sciences. Its credibility and reputation have made it an important part of the education system in Pakistan. Apart from conducting tests for admissions to universities, recruitment for public and private sector organisations, and scholarships, NTS also offers various other services. These include:

  • Data management: NTS provides data management services to universities and organisations, which include data entry, data processing, and data analysis.
  • Training and capacity building: NTS conducts training and capacity building workshops for individuals and organisations to enhance their skills and knowledge in various fields.
  • Consultancy services: NTS provides consultancy services to universities and organisations on matters related to education and testing.
  • Research and development: NTS is involved in research and development activities to improve the quality and reliability of its testing services.
  • International collaborations: NTS has collaborated with various international testing services to provide access to their tests and services in Pakistan.

NTS has also introduced various initiatives to promote education and provide opportunities to deserving students. These include the provision of scholarships, fee reimbursement programs, and financial assistance to students from underprivileged backgrounds.

What NTS Do

NTS designs and administers Tests/Assessments to various Institutions and Organisations. These tests include:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Admissions
  3. Assessment Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. Scholarships
  5. Promotions

What NTS Offers?

Primarily NTS offers two categories of tests and assessments:

  • National Tests, and
  • International Tests

These tests are offered as paper-based, and Computer based whereas International Tests WorkFORCE® series are also offered online via a computer, laptop, Apple® iPad®, Android® or smartphones, and in the future on other tablets and mobile devices.

National Tests

NTS has developed following national tests on the pattern of international tests for catering local needs.

  1. National Aptitude Test (NAT – I & II) – for undergraduate program
  2. Graduate Assessment Test-General (GAT – General)
  3. National Teachers Database Program (NTDP)
  4. Medical Representatives Certification Program (MRCP)
  5. Graduate Assessment Test-Subject (GAT – Subject)
  6. Law Graduate Assessment Test (LAW-GAT)
  7. Customized Tests
  8. E-marking

International Tests

Being ETS Preferred Associate (EPA) of ETS-USA, NTS offers and administer international English language proficiency and behavioural tests including:

  1. TOEIC – S&W
  2. TOEIC – L&R
  3. TOEIC Bridge
  4. WorkFORCE® Assessment for Job Fit
  5. WorkFORCE® Assessment for Career Development
  6. WorkFORCE® Training for Career Development
  7. WorkFORCE® Assessment for Career Interest
  8. WorkFORCE® Assessment for Cognitive Ability
  9. WorkFORCE® Training for Cognitive Ability
  10. TFI

The TFI test evaluates the French-language listening and reading proficiency levels of people whose native language is not French. Test results show how well people can communicate in French in business and academic environments.

Who Do We Serve?

  1. K–12 Community
  2. Educator Licensure Assessments
  3. Employers
  4. Higher Education Community
  5. TOEIC – L&R
  6. English Learners and Teachers

Over the years, NTS has become an important part of the education system in Pakistan, providing a reliable and transparent testing service to universities and organizations. Its commitment towards promoting merit-based education and providing opportunities to deserving students has made it a trusted name in the education sector of the country.